Skykick Cloud Backups for Emails

These days your emails, calendar and contacts are critical to your business. 

In Office 365 and Exchange Online, you can recover individual emails that are accidentally deleted for a 30 day period, however there are no built-in full mailbox backups. After 30 days they are lost to the ether forever.

This is where Skykick Cloud Backups come in.

Why backup emails?

Microsoft offer a high level of redundancy with their hosted platforms, but they don’t offer simple backup solutions for your mailboxes.

There are many ways that you can suffer data loss, including disgruntled employees, virus attacks, or accidental deletions.

Email backups provide these benefits;

  • Protection from disgruntled employees
  • Peace of mind
  • Ability to recover accidentally deleted data
  • Ability to archive and then delete old email addresses

Your company may also have a legal requirement to have certain things backed up, including correspondence, for a set amount of years.

Why SkyKick?

As mentioned above, Office 365 doesn’t backup your mailboxes neatly. There is a 30 day retention policy, however that doesn’t stop users from deleting emails accidentally or maliciously.

SkyKick Cloud Backup for Office 365 is a cloud-to-cloud service. It offers unlimited backup data, unlimited retention and lightning-fast search and one-click restore features. There is also no software to be installed as it’s all cloud-based. This results in no down-time for your staff.

Backups can include data from your Office 365 Exchange email, calendar, contacts, public folders, SharePoint, OneDrive and more.

All new users are automatically added to the backups, and SkyKick takes up to six snapshots throughout the day to be able to restore quickly and easily with a minimum of loss in the event of any issues. 


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Contact us today for peace of mind that your emails, calendar and contacts are safe for the cost of $5.50ex GST per mailbox per month only.

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