Managed IT Services

Server Monitoring

We’re your eyes when you are focused on doing business and not always able to see or respond immediately to IT issues. Our server monitoring software alerts us via sms and email, when there is any interruption to your services because of any server issues.

Server Maintenance

In addition to the vigilance of our monitoring program, we offer server maintenance on a regular basis, to ensure that all systems are working well and to mitigate the chance of system failure as much as possible.

In much the same way that regular vehicle servicing keeps you safe on the roads, regular server maintenance helps to ensure system longevity by keeping your servers ‘tuned’. This proactive approach usually results in reduced fees in the long term, because of the absence of catastrophic failure.


We use high-grade industry software to manage our Helpdesk, so that calls are being attended to quickly and efficiently and dealt with in the most expedient manner.

We are only ever a phone call away and we understand the urgency factor when things are not working electronically. Simply businesses cannot function properly when any IT components are not working properly. We have a strong resolution mindset.

Ad hoc or Unlimited Support

We have a range of support program options, from ad hoc (simply call when needed) to unlimited support packages where we have stated Service Level Agreement standards, for clients who want specific assurances on response times and immediate access.

Talk to us today about our different service packages.

Remote or onsite support

Similarly we offer a range of support options in the event that hardware maintenance or issue diagnostics are needed. We can set up our maintenance and monitoring so that we can remotely investigate and m ore often than not rectify issues remotely.

We do this through the utilisation of proven troubleshooting methodologies together with our expertise and experience. This can also be a more economical solution as opposed to one of our technicians needing to attend the business site.

How Your Business Benefits from Managed IT Services

Many businesses rely on technology to help run and grow their business. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the funds to hire an entire IT team to oversee their systems. This is where outsourcing your IT support can be a great solution. Rule Technology can help local Perth businesses with the ongoing monitoring and support of their IT systems.

Regardless of your business size, there are undeniable benefits to having Managed IT Service providers.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for your Business

Controlled IT Expenses

We provide a cost-effective way to maintain your systems by having a fixed monthly plan. A streamlined IT budget ensures quality solutions for you and your customers.

With managed IT services, you know what you’re getting and how much it will cost your business. 

Data Protection and Security

Keeping your business data secured and compliant to regulations is costly and often requires stringent security infrastructures. At Rule Technology, we are here to help you keep your business cost-effective by providing inexpensive compliant tools for your team.

These tools ensure that firewalls are up-to-date and provide proactive management and monitoring of your servers and systems, ensuring all your data is protected and safe from prying eyes.

Keeps Staff Focused on Business Goals

Because we proactively monitor and oversee your IT needs, your staff will have more time and energy to focus on achieving your business goals. Most businesses have limited resources, so it’s essential to keep the team focused on innovating and driving the business forward.

We will take care of all your system needs to give you peace of mind. This way, you can focus on your business’s growth.

Accessible IT Support

At Rule Technology, our team is accessible during working hours. It means you get the support and help you need should a problem arise with your IT infrastructure. By having IT support that you can rely on during the agreed times, you can avoid downtime and keep your business running efficiently.


Businesses of all sizes can avail managed IT services. Small to large size businesses can use managed service providers to manage their IT infrastructure. This gives the employees of these businesses more time to focus on their day-to-day tasks. Large businesses can even use managed service providers to help their in-house IT staff.

Examples of managed IT services are performance reporting, system performance audits, live monitoring of network, patch management, maintaining the operating performance of existing network infrastructure and overall network administration.

If you already have an internal IT department, you can still use managed service providers. This is because they can work well with your in-house IT staff. In fact, they can work with your in-house IT staff to manage your day-to-day operations or on a project-bases.

Outsourcing helps the business with the implementation of specific requirements and ensures the business effectively utilises IT. Managed IT services help business improve their overall IT posture and they manage and operate the business’s end-user systems and IT infrastructure.

A fully managed service manages and supports the complete IT environment of their clients. Therefore, they use intelligent monitoring systems to manage their client’s network equipment, server, workstations and even mobile devices. They monitor all desktop computer systems and servers.

Once you decide to outsource your IT, it is not time to look for a random managed service provider. It is extremely important to choose the right managed service provider. You also need to make sure the managed service provider can support your overall business strategy.

If you are looking for a managed IT service provider to help your business in Perth, Western Australia, do not look further than Rule Technology. Contact us for a free, no-obligation IT assessment.