Assessment & Design

IT Needs Assessment

Before designing an effective IT business solutions platform it is vital to assess many factors. As experienced IT needs assessors we are able to facilitate a thorough assessment with a minimum of fuss and clearly diagnose and scope the requirements moving forward.

To implement the right solutions the right questions have to be asked. We give carefully considered advice that accounts for all factors. It’s not about an immediate quick fix, but about designing a systems solution that will be robust moving forward into the future, bearing in mind scalability requirements and location transitions.

As well as our work with the business community we also work closely with Not For Profits and Charitable organisations who require an independent IT Needs Assessment when applying for or validating funding requirements.

IT Solution Design

In designing a relevant and effective IT system in your business, it is essential to uncover what your requirements are both in the immediate short term and moving forward into the future.

We often apply the term ‘most suitable’ solution because it’s not about adding bells and whistles unnecessarily just because we can. It is about an appropriate level of equipment and servicing that will meet your needs at an acceptable level of investment outlay.

At Rule we are confident enough in our services and solutions to be able to offer potential clients a completely free assessment. The assessment will address the full gamut of IT needs, from the hardware being used, to the programs running them; from the security of the companies data to the backup and safeguarding of it; from the network speed to the ability to retrieve and manage business documents.