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    Biz90 is the Rule package designed to suit small enterprises who prefer to only pay for an ‘on-demand’ IT fix when needed, but want to know that their servers are professionally maintained and supported at all times.



    Biz360 covers the full spectrum of your IT needs, allowing you to get on with running your business with the full confidence of knowing all your IT requirements are being managed and monitored by the professionals.


    In designing a relevant and effective IT system in your business, it is essential to uncover what your requirements are both in the immediate short term and moving forward into the future.

    We often apply the term ‘most suitable’ solution because it’s not about adding bells and whistles unnecessarily just because we can. It is about an appropriate level of equipment and servicing that will meet your needs at an acceptable level of investment outlay.

    At Rule we are confident enough in out services and solutions to be able to offer potential clients a completely free assessment. The assessment will address the full gamut of It needs, from the hardware being used, to the programs running them. From the security of the companies data to the backup and safeguarding of it. From the network speed to the ability to retrieve and manage business documents.


    Secure Offsite Backup

    Information is power and when you lose important information you certainly feel powerless!

    It has been our experience that many companies implement internal backups which are often not taken offsite (so in the case of fire or theft are rendered impotent) and often not checked to ensure the backups are working. Then the server fails, backups are checked and in the case of them failing devastation entails.

    At Rule Technology we provide secure backup services for your data which is hosted offsite.  Costs are simply determined by the volume of data that needs to be securely stored.


    Server Hosting

    Though there have been some security concerns with cloud based data solutions, the fact is this development is undergoing the same evolution that internet banking did some years ago. Many were skeptical of this and whilst from time to time a security breach occurs, the reality is that with highly developed encryption software, most systems and the information contained within them are robustly protected.

    We carefully assess and embrace technical innovation as long as it meets our strict security code. We now offer cloud hosted server rental, which is an option for clients who are highly mobile and decentralised and who do not want the encumberance of location-centric hardware.


    Hardware & Software

    As a specialist Dell supplier we are able to provide packaged hardware solutions at well below retail prices. This includes solutions using the Dell Latitude notebooks, OptiPlex PC’s and the Dell PowerEdge Servers.

    However we can source and supply almost any equipment needed and custom design computers and computing systems on request.

    Similarly with software we have access to a vast range of software computing programs, from operating systems to specific programs including anti-virus solutions. This includes the recent inclusions of Office 365 as an example, for many companies who are embracing these mobile, fluid software solutions.


    Luckily We found Rule Tech. They’ve Done an absolutely fantastic job of looking after our IT Systems in 66 Auto Masters stores across 2 states.


    Nigel Warr – managing Director, Auto Masters

    We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and assess your IT requirements. Or provide a second opinion, so you can feel secure that what you have in place now is sufficiently robust.

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