3 Steps to Stronger Cyber Security

cyber security

Cyber security refers to protecting your organisation’s data from malicious online attacks. One of the trickiest parts about cyber security is the sheer number of vectors from which attacks can originate. From the company website, to unsecured personal devices being brought to work. These can result in a cyber attack that costs your organisation money and time.

In this blog, we share three steps every organisation can take to ensure they have stronger cyber security.

1. Educate your staff

Your staff are a strong line of defence when it comes to cyber security, but only if they know what to look for. Too often staff mistakes are blamed for cyber security breaches. By giving your staff a solid foundation in what cyber attacks can look like, you can reduce the chance that they will be the source of a breach. Below are some important statistics worth sharing with your staff.

  • Email is still the #1 delivery vehicle for most malware
  • Fake invoice messages are the #1 type of phishing lure.
  • Apple IDs are the #1 target for credential theft emails

Phishing attacks, and social engineering, stand less chance to succeed if your staff are trained to detect them. Similarly, instituting an easy way for staff to flag and report suspicious activity online will greatly improve your cyber security.

2. Consider cyber security insurance

The insurance industry has recognised the dangers cyber breaches can pose to business. That’s why so many insurance brokers now offer cyber insurance as a product. This might be to insure your Intellectual Property (IP), pay for new hardware, or cover the cost of a full site restore. If it seems like overkill, remember that the desks your computers sit on are insured. Cyber security insurance can give you peace of mind that, should things go wrong, you have help.

3. Off-site backup – regularly

This is the single most important thing an organisation can do. Regularly backup their data to a secure offsite facility. Backups that are kept on your servers are not backups, rather they are vulnerable copies of your data that can be accessed in the event of a cyberattack.

Consider the recent ransomware attacks that hit small businesses throughout Australia. The local backups, in some cases, were locked up alongside all the other files. Companies had the choice of paying the ransom, with no guarantee of regaining access or simply starting again. Companies with offsite backups however were able to restore and resume normal operations.

Read our post about the benefits of offsite backups here.

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving part of your business. Partner with the experts at Rule Technology for IT support in Perth and keep your company safe. Call us today on 1300 823 226 and get peace of mind that your cybersecurity is in safe hands.

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