Welcome to Biz360 – the Rule IT solution that delivers dedicated, full-service business support.


Biz360 covers the full spectrum of your IT needs, allowing you to get on with running your business with the full confidence of knowing all your IT requirements are being managed and monitored by the professionals.

No sudden tech glitches, cyber-attacks, overloaded servers or issues during crucial business operations – we will take full ownership of your system by implementing and maintaining a premium, reliable technology solution suited to your business size and structure.

Your IT is in safe hands 24/7, with your Dedicated IT Account Engineer, and the Rule team of IT experts responding promptly to alerts and working systematically, refining your systems and attending to issues before they become big problems for your business. With built-in insurances, including premium computer and server monitoring and maintenance, as well as secure backup of your data, you can know your company is always protected and secure.

If you are ready for Rule to take full responsibility with unlimited IT support for a transparent, fixed monthly fee, then Biz360 IT support package is the right solution for you.

The Complete Rule Experience

Unlimited IT support

With the Biz360 package, our team of IT Engineers are here to support you without limits – you don’t need to watch the clock or worry about big bills when we are done. Onsite or offsite, and whatever the job entails, we’ll work until it’s complete. From small glitches to significant IT fixes, we will be there when you need us.

Helpdesk Services

Request IT support quickly and easily with the Rule Helpdesk right when you need it. Using your own login, you can instantly log a ticket request and see when an IT Engineer is assigned to assist you.

Premium Computer & Server Monitoring & Maintenance

With Biz360, your computers and servers are monitored 24/7 by our advanced monitoring software and our team are instantly alerted when any issues arise for prompt resolution. You don’t have to worry about unexpected downtime, and often our team will have identified and resolved the issue before it becomes a problem for your business. We will keep your business IT systems running smoothly – so you never have to think about it.

Secure offsite backup of your data

Protect your valuable data and prevent any loss of vital information from fire, theft or system failures. At Rule Technology, we partner with Datto, the leading provider of backup solutions for your data, hosting a minimum of 2TB of your data securely offsite and easily accessible when you need it. Through Datto, our backups also offer proven ransomware detection for data protection and to ensure it is always available within minutes from the cloud.

Advanced Antivirus Monitoring & Control

Safeguard your IT systems with Rule Antivirus Management. Our team will purchase, install and monitor all the alerts and possible threats on your computers. Reduce the possibility of computer viruses compromising your company systems – without lifting a finger.

Quarterly IT reporting

Receive a detailed quarterly report on the health of your IT systems so you can plan ahead and stay informed. Don’t risk your hardware or software failing when you need it most. These reports will alert you in advance if any hardware or software is approaching its use-by-date, and when you’re ready, we’ll even order and install your new equipment for you.

Fixed monthly fee

No fluctuating bills, no surprises. Simple and transparent IT budgeting and forecasting for your business.

Ria Proactive Support

Ria (Rule Intelligent Automation), is custom Intelligent Automation Software which unobtrusively fixes basic IT issues in the background on your computers and servers to avoid interruptions to your workflow and productivity. More than just an automation software, Ria is being continually developed into a ‘digital assistant’ and will use AI to become even more of a benefit to our clients and their businesses.