If you are ready for Rule to take full responsibility with unlimited IT support for a single monthly contribution then biz360 is the right solution for you.

Welcome to Biz360 – the complete ‘business ready’ IT solution for your business.

Biz360 covers the full spectrum of your IT needs, allowing you to get on with what you do best – running your business – with the full confidence that comes with knowing all your IT requirements are being managed and monitored.

Let Rule take full ownership of your system by implementing and maintaining a premium technology solution suited to your business size and structure.

We take accountability, responding promptly and working systematically, refining your systems and attending to issues before they become big problems for your business. With built-in insurances, including premium computer and server monitoring and maintenance, as well as secure backup of your data, you have peace of mind, knowing your company is protected and secure, with Rule.

If you are ready for Rule to take full responsibility with unlimited IT support for a single monthly contribution then Biz360 is the right solution for you.

The Complete Rule Experience

Unlimited IT support from our team of technicians

We’re here for you without limits. We’ll visit you onsite, or offsite – whatever the job entails, we’ll work until it’s complete. Whether it’s your company’s iPad, computer, server or phone… if it’s a part of your company’s IT infrastructure we’ll fix it. We take responsibility and get the job done right.

Helpdesk Services

Using your own login you have a quick, easy & efficient way to request IT support and track the progress of your request.

Premium Computer & Server Monitoring & Maintenance

Have your computers and servers monitored 24/7 by our advanced monitoring software. We maximise the performance of your IT infrastructure, and minimise your downtime. The Rule team gets alerted to any issues arising, often days before they present as ‘problems’ for your business. We see the alert, we fix it, before the problem results in ‘downtime’ for your business. Biz360 keeps your business humming along.

Secure offsite backup of your data

Don’t risk the loss of your company’s data. Rule takes the hassle out of backups, as we organise and secure up to 800GB of your data.

Hosting & Subscriptions Management

Hosting & Subscriptions are a part of your Biz360 package, so we take care it. Whether it’s Google Apps, Office 365 or a Domain renewal, we’ll make sure they get paid and don’t lapse. For you, that means no more piles of monthly/annual bills. Just hassle-free subscription management, managed by Rule.

Advanced Antivirus Monitoring & Control

We purchase it, install it, and monitor all the alerts and possible threats on your computers. This advanced Antivirus Management system puts your company at less risk of infections. With Rule you’re safe.

Quarterly IT reporting for your business

Receive a quarterly report on the health of your IT systems. Don’t risk your hardware failing when you need it most. We’ll alert you in advance, if any hardware or software is approaching its use-by-date, and when you’re ready we’ll even order and install your new equipment.

One fixed monthly contribution

No fluctuating bills, no surprises. Simple & clear IT budgeting and forecasting.