The benefits of backing up data offsite

Backing up your data isn’t just good practice, it’s a vital part of ensuring business continuity. A backup is a copy of the critical data that your company and systems need to operate every day. Keeping backups guarantees day-to-day operations can continue even if something goes wrong. However, what happens if the problem is something like a flood? Your backups can be destroyed. That’s why we’re going to look at some of the benefits of keeping a second set of backups offsite.


Having a second set of backups offsite is a good way to improve the redundancy of your system. If something should happen to the first set of backups, then you have the second set offsite that you can still use. Earlier this year GitLab, a popular code collaboration repository tool for individuals, experienced issues due to the accidental loss of a database. While there were a few hours of panic, GitLab was able to restore the vast majority of data using their offsite backups, only losing six hours of user’s updates. The backups were one of the last points of failure in their redundancy system.

Business continuity

In situations such as natural disasters (or our recent storms!), your office might become unusable. This might be because of damage or safety, but it makes doing work very difficult. If you have offsite backups, you can temporarily relocate your office elsewhere and keep working. This can mean the difference between staying open and being forced to cancel contracts. By keeping the offsite backup running, when your office reopens you can simply transfer the data over and keep working.


Offsite backups can be automated, set to back up every night without any need for physical action. This gives you peace of mind that, without having to take any steps, your data is being securely backed up. Onsite backups often rely on a specific employee, if that person is sick or simply forgets, that can mean a full day’s backup doesn’t get done. Automated offsite backups can help insure your data for the worst-case scenario.

Offsite backups can be organised in different ways. At Rule Technology, we can help build you a solution customised to your business needs, for example our biz360 package includes up to 800GB of offsite backups. The integrity of your data is our focus, we use strong encryption and our data storage is specifically designed to keep your data safe.

Give your business the extra security of offsite data backups. Call Rule Technology for IT support in Perth today on 1300 823 226 and get the peace of mind you deserve.

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