What Is “Data Encryption” And How Does It Help To Protect Your Data

IT professional encrypting data

IT professional encrypting data

What is Data Encryption?

It translates data into code or another form to allow people with access to the secret password or key to read the data. The secret key is known as a decryption key. IT service providers use data encryption to protect the data of their clients. It is safe and secure to use encryption to protect data.

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What are the Types of Data Encryption?

1. Data Encryption Standard (DES)

It is a low-level encryption standard. However, many IT service providers no longer use it to protect their sensitive data. This is because of the reduced hardware costs and the advances in technology.

2. Triple Data Encryption Standard

It runs DES encryption three times. The original DES became too weak to protect sensitive data, so triple DES is used to strengthen it. Triple DES encrypts, decrypts, and encrypts data.

3. RSA 

RSA encrypts data using a strong and popular algorithm. It is very popular because of its key length. That is why many IT service providers use it to secure data transmission.


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How Does Data Encryption Help?

1. Internet Privacy

You can use data encryption to protect your privacy on the internet. Use it to turn your personal information in such a way that only authorized people can have access to it. Use data encryption to encrypt your emails and use an encrypted connection to send your emails.

2. Keeps Hackers Away

One of the biggest businesses on the internet is hacking. In fact, international outfits run some of these cybercrimes. Cybercriminals target unsuspecting people. They intend to steal the personal information of these people. Then, they steal money from them. Hire an IT service provider to protect you from hackers.

3. Accidental Data Leak Protection 

It is easy for unauthorized people to copy data from the traditional Data Loss Protection (DLP) software. That is why this software is not effective. Data encryption is more effective since it can protect you from accidental data leaks.


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