Benefits Of Onsite IT Support


What is Onsite IT Support?

Just about every IT company offers two levels of IT support – remote and onsite support. With onsite support, a technician works at your offices on a full-time basis.

With remote support, you give the company access to your system. Their technician then links up their computer so that they can locate the core issue. Remote support usually comes with managed IT services. It’s less expensive than onsite support, but repair options are somewhat limited.

onsite IT technician at work

What Are the Benefits of Onsite Support?

Bringing in a consulting technician to deal with the problem firsthand has many advantages. Let’s go over these.

You Can’t Solve All Problems Remotely

The primary benefit of onsite support is that it’s easier to get to the root of the issue. There’s a big difference between rummaging around a system remotely and standing in front of the computer itself.

Say, for example, that Nigel forgot to plug in the printer again. There’s no way for a remote operator to see that. They might ask if the device is plugged in, but they might also waste time running unnecessary diagnostics.

Instant Help at Hand

In business, every second counts. Your onsite technician is there in your offices to deal with issues fast. There’s no having to make an appointment or wait for them to have time to deal with you. You can also periodically check that the technician is only working on your project.

It’s Easier to Communicate One on One

You develop a relationship with the technician, so communication becomes easier. You can ask questions and see how things are progressing.

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Get Onsite Support for Your Perth Business

At Rule Technology, we offer professional managed services. Give us a call, and we’ll give you a quote on services that could save your business time and money.

Choose full IT support in Perth, or just let us manage your servers for you. We’ll find the right blend of services to match your needs and your budget.

Let Rule Technology drive away those IT blues.

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