Managed Services

Server Monitoring

We’re your eyes when you are focused on doing business and not always able to see or respond immediately to IT issues. Our server monitoring software alerts us when there is any interruption to your services because of any server issues.

Server Maintenance

In addition to the vigilance of our monitoring program, we offer server maintenance on a regular basis to ensure that all systems are working well and to mitigate the chance of system failure as much as possible. 

In much the same way that regular vehicle servicing keeps you safe on the roads, regular server maintenance helps to ensure system longevity by keeping your servers ‘tuned’. This proactive approach usually results in reduced fees in the long term, because of the absence of catastrophic failure.


We use high-grade industry software to manage our Helpdesk, so that calls are being attended to quickly and efficiently and dealt with in the most expedient manner. 

We are only a phone call away and we understand the urgency factor when things are not working electronically. Businesses simply cannot function properly when any IT components are not working properly. We have a strong resolution mindset.

Ad hoc or Unlimited Support

We have a range of support program options, from ad hoc (simply contact us when needed) to unlimited support packages where we have stated Service Level Agreement standards. 

Talk to us today about our different service packages.

Remote or Onsite Support

Similarly we offer a range of support options in the event that hardware maintenance or desktop support is needed. We can set up our maintenance and monitoring so that we can investigate and rectify issues remotely. 

We carry out remote support through the utilisation of proven remote support software together with our expertise and experience.