Top Tips On How To Prevent An Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

Survey reports across Australia have shown that APT threats are a major concern for most IT professionals. This is why advanced persistent threat protection should be a priority for any organisation, big or small. Surprisingly, many IT managers still do not understand what APT threats entail. Here is more insight on the issue.

What is an APT Threat?

APT is an initial standing for Advanced Persistent Threat. Therefore, APT threats refer to the stealth method of gaining unauthorised access to a business’ information. It is a cybercrime that requires the highest degree of skill, patience and covertness. Like any other IT threat, it is faced by small and large business enterprises.

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5 Tips on How to Prevent Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)

Install a Firewall

This is a critical first layer of defence against these dangerous IT threats. To be precise, three types of firewalls offer great protection. These include software firewalls, hardware firewalls and cloud firewalls. Web application firewalls are also amazing since they can detect attacks coming from web applications.

Installation of an Antivirus

Having updated antivirus programs in the IT system is very important. They help prevent various kinds of malware, Trojans and viruses that are used by APT attackers. Most importantly, ensure that the antivirus programs can detect new threats in real-time data.

Install Intrusion Prevention Systems

These are important IT security features that assist in monitoring a network for any malicious behaviours. They also make alerts in case any strange activities or codes are detected in the system. Therefore, they are a powerful tool for detecting network compromises preventing their exploitation.

Utilise Sandboxing Environments

A sandboxing environment refers to a secure, virtual environment where untrusted programs, documents and codes can be opened. This is done without the risk of harming the operating system. Files that are found to be infected can be isolated and removed without compromising the system.

Implement Email Protection

One of the most effective forms of infiltration used by APT attackers is email. That said it is essential to enable spam and malware protection for all email programs. Additionally, it would be very helpful to educate all employees on potentially malicious emails.

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