Security Tips for Working from Home


The Risks of Working from Home 

Working from home has become the norm of modern life. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, plenty of companies have scrambled to set work-from-home arrangements for their teams. And now, people have gotten used to this setup.

But with the comfort of home comes a few threats to cybersecurity. You could be vulnerable to risks that may not have been present in the office but are lurking at home. If you want to stay protected while working from home, keep these tips in mind.

Security Tips for Working from Home 

Set passwords for your work devices

If you set passwords before your desktop can be accessed, it can already deter potential snoopers. Roommates and people you live with at home will not bother hacking into your work PC when there’s a password prompt on the screen.

Fortify your home WiFi network

If your home network is compromised, and your work PC is connected to it, your company’s data is instantly in danger. To ensure that your work files stay safe, something as simple as creating a stronger password for your home network is already a big help.

Separate work devices from personal devices

It is very tempting to use your work device even for personal transactions, like paying bills. But what if your work PC gets hacked? Not only will it compromise your work data, but your personal information as well. So, reserve your office devices for work only.

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